Handpan Beginner Online Course [EN Subtitels]

This Handpan Beginner Online Course offers you the perfect introduction to the Handpan world. After looking at the different strumming techniques, we will focus on your scale (the tone structure of your handpan), look at the sound axis (disharmonies/harmonies) and I will give you exercises to practice different melodies/rhythms. Finally, we will look at triads and I will give you tips on how to make your playing more intuitive and free. Once you have completed my course, you can creatively expand on the exercises shown.

The course is more practice oriented. The theory is explained, but the focus is on your own playing.

About Me

Marius is a passionate percussionist and street musician. From a young age he received djembe lessons. He first came into contact with the handpan/hang in 2015. In 2020 a big dream of his came true and he produced his first album »Meditiative State«. The second album »Pan Energy« followed in 2021.

Since 2020, Marius has been conducting manufacturer-independent handpan workshops in the Hanover area on a regular basis. Marius selects the handpans himself.

Through the successfully completed training as a Peter Hess® sound practitioner in 2022, Marius received in-depth knowledge of the use and effects of sound instruments and working with sound.

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